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Our challenge was mental health.
Our solution is well-being.

A couple years ago, I was an architecture student at Carleton University and I was doing very well.

But then, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after an episode of psychosis. I became unable to take care of myself. I had to drop school and stop working.

I was lucky. A friend on my soccer team noticed I was having difficulty and wanted to help. We didn’t understand what bipolar disorder was, so we focused on self-care.

In order to get better, I had to rebuild habits and behaviours which had once come naturally to me. I could not do it alone.

Timsle started as a shared calendar on our wall at home. Pretty soon, my friends wanted to use it too, so I learned to code, and built timsle.com.

Recovery was a long and difficult process, but with daily support from my family and friends, I got better.

For years, I felt like I was the only one struggling with mental illness. However, 1 in 5 experience symptoms each year, with 1 in 2 experiencing symptoms by age 40. Furthurmore, mental illness is the leading cause of disability in

Our healthcare system is remarkable, however, it was not designed to handle 1 in 5. With costs of care on the rise and the proliferation of services that are detrimental to our mental health, we need to start changing the way we think about managing mental illness.

By shifting the focus to self-care, peer support and early intervention, our goal is to change the way we manage mental health.

Now, Timsle is a team of 5, and we are focusing on improving mental health for students and employees in the City of Ottawa.

We have a lot of work ahead of us and we can not do it alone. We are now looking for investors to help us grow, as well as workplaces and schools to test our platform.

I am very thankful for my friends, family and community here in Ottawa, at Carleton University, The Ottawa Hospital and Impact Hub Ottawa that continue to make Timsle possible.

On behalf of our team,
Welcome to Timsle.

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